Monday, January 30, 2023

The return of 99-cent pizza?!

Signage is up for a 99-cent pizza spot at 418 E. 14th St. just east of First Avenue along a stretch known for street vendors selling items of dubious quality and origins. 

If this price holds, then it would mark the return of a 99-cent pizza joint. Thanks to inflationary food costs, in late 2021 and early 2022,  the neighborhood's discount slicerias uniformly raised prices by 51 cents and became $1.50 pizzerias.

The storefront was previously a spa specializing in eyebrows and waxing.


JAMES said...

I say that sign isn't complete and will have a 1 added before the .99 soon.

Anonymous said...

Looks complete to me. The only thing that would change, a $ sign will replace the ¢ one.
It will be a 28 course omakase pizza joint.

Anonymous said...

I think a pizza shop was there back in the 1960's.


99 cents? They drive a hard bargain! For just 50 cents at the Dubious Quality Market™, I can buy a half can of tuna and a free fork with no handle to eat it with. For an addition 25 cents, I can also buy one size 13 mens shoe to hop home in.