Sunday, January 15, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included ... (with a photo celebrating Orthodox New Year on Seventh Street yesterday by Derek Berg) ... 

• RIP Alicia Torres (Thursday

• The remaining structure of the fire-damaged Middle Collegiate Church will be demolished (Friday

• After 29 years playing in the East Village, I finally decided to see 'Stomp' before it closed (Monday) ... Clearing out 'Stomp' (Tuesday) 

• Openings: From Lucie on 10th Street (Friday

• The landlord has taken legal possession of Commodities on 1st Avenue (Friday

• The area behind the fieldhouse in Tompkins Square Park is now open for 5 hours a day (Wednesday

• A look back at the devastating fire that destroyed Essex Card Shop 1 year ago today (Tuesday

• New season of 'Feud' brings a 1970s Times Square vibe to the East Village (Thursday) ... In the 'Feud' of the night (Sunday

• 5C Cultural Center reopens with coffee service from the Roost (Thursday

• A look inside the under-renovation Poetica Coffee on 2nd Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Tuesday

• A gut renovation at 12th and C, and the loss of the Gil Scott-Heron tribute mural (Wednesday

• Coffee shop slated for this retail space in NYU's Third North dorm (Tuesday

• 75 1st Ave. — once again without a sidewalk bridge (Saturday

• 2023 preview: Panda Express (Monday) 

• Foul Witch is the new restaurant from the Roberta's team on Avenue A (Thursday

... and do you remember Goggla's photo from the other day showing the piano tucked among some discarded Christmas trees in Tompkins Square Park? (View at this link.) Here's how that story ended — in the back of a garbage truck ... photo by Derek Berg ... (and we don't know what condition the piano was in before it was tossed)...
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Sarah said...

Looks like there's paper up in the windows of Bait & Hook...any idea what's up?

Grieve said...

Noticed that too, Sarah. No message about a temp closure on the Bait & Hook Instagram or Website... odd time to be closed for a football bar with NFL playoffs this weekend.

Anonymous said...

That piano seems to have come from the 6BC Garden, where it was being played. How did it end up in the garvage truck? What's the story?

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the back story of that piano. It was new at some point and brought Joy, what was its journey~

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure about that particular piano - but we tried to give away a piano a few year ago and no one wanted it. After a few years of asking & trying to donate - we used a chainsaw to cut it up and had a party.

Anonymous said...

We need our cultural center Charas/El Bohio. It would have been easy to store the piano there and to allow generations of youth to learn playing. It is ridiculous that thus community is deprived of its cultural center since Guiliani's assault on cultural spaces ge disliked. But thus is now over 20 years. We need to stop missing opportunities. We could have had a free piano. We need our building back.

Scuba Diva said...

Sadly, no one tried to contact Trudy Silver at 5C Cultural Center about the piano; she might have been able to place it or even take it if it were in acceptable/tunable condition.

Theatre for the New City seems to have come by several pianos over the years that were being thrown out/donated.

I read this blog only sporadically, so I just saw this post; sadly, this is an ongoing phenomenon, because a piano is a fairly huge piece of furniture that not everyone can accommodate. There was a NYT article a few years ago that chronicled this: For More Pianos, Last Note Is Thud in the Dump