Thursday, January 26, 2023

Papered windows at 101 Avenue A, the incoming home of cafe-bar-music venue Baker Falls

A reader inquired about the papered-up windows at 101 Avenue A between Sixth Street and Seventh Street.

ICYMI from our post on Nov. 28: Baker Falls is an ambitious new project that combines an all-day cafe, bar and live music via the Knitting Factory brand at the former Pyramid Club. 

East Village resident Nick Bodor, who has owned and operated several local businesses in the past 25-plus years, including the Library on Avenue A and the now-closed Cake Shop on Ludlow Street, is behind this new concept.

You can read Stacie Joy's interview with Bodor here.

Last we heard there's an anticipated opening "around April."


Anonymous said...

why wouldn't they use the Knitting Factory name if connected? Knitting factory at the Pyramid would have a lot of name recognition.

Anonymous said...

Same thought. Many people know Knitting Factory and would be happy to see a familiar name here. Former venue didn’t have cafe thou.

Jill W said...

Aside from not using the Knitting Factory name, the name Baker Falls sound like a brand of preppy leisurewear. Otherwise, great news that a new venue is coming! Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone who owns a part of the KF brand is a partner here. Simple as that.