Monday, January 30, 2023

A youthful exchange of ideas with Dr. Cornel West at Performance Space New York

Photos and reporting by Daniel Efram 

This past Saturday afternoon, Dr. Cornel West gave an interactive talk with children and their families for Performance Space New York's ongoing "We the Youth — Keith Haring Lecture Series" about ideas and social issues that are often left off of school curriculums.
The kids made profound remarks about wondering how to love during difficult times. 

The professor, activist and philosopher responded with his thoughts on humanity, respect and love — not to mention his weakness for popcorn, which was occasionally fed to him by his generally well-behaved but sometimes restless young audience.
Performance Space New York is at 150 First Ave. at Ninth Street.


Anonymous said...

How fantastic for young kids to get to see Dr. West's mind work in real time. What a treat! I wish I was there; I'm always so inspired by Dr. Cornel West! Lovely photos as well. There is still a beating heart in our community.

Leslie said...

I love how dreamy and restless the kids are compared to the electric focus of Cornel West. It all comes through in these photographs.

DuchessofNYC said...

So now we're calling it Performace Space, instead of PS 122? Is this a rebranding to go with the faux graffiti in the entrance that once housed the play yard of Children's Liberation Day Care... Glad something's happening over there that might engage youth in the nabe, instead of the usual theater crowd fare and permanent scaffold renovation.

Grieve said...

PS122 became Performance Space New York in January 2018... coinciding when the refurbished space reopened.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, let's welcome Dr. Cornel West for many events in the reopening Charas/El Bohio!!! Let our community thrive!!!