Friday, February 24, 2023

Coming attractions: 'Make Me Famous'

"Make Me Famous," a documentary on 1980s-era East Village-based painter Edward Brezinski, premiered last weekend in London... garnering some feature stories (The Guardian ... AnotherMag) in the process.

Here's a description of the film: 
Edward Brezinski worked alongside Keith Haring, David Wojnarowicz, and Jean-Michel Basquiat in the Lower East Side art scene, but never reached the same level of success as his contemporaries. "Make Me Famous" uncovers why such a well-connected yet peculiar painter never made it, despite being so maniacally focused in his quest for fame. 

What begins as an investigation into Brezinski's legacy and mysterious disappearance becomes a sharp, witty portrait of NYC's 1980s downtown art scene. Gallery owners and fellow artists dish on insider gossip, name drop, and contradict each other in telling the story, resulting in an irresistible snapshot of an unknown artist that captures the spirit of an iconic era. 
Check out the trailer...


You can catch a screening at the Museum of the City of New York on April 18. (Details here.)


Anonymous said...

Just bought my ticket, thanks for the heads-up!

Anonymous said...

Saw it when it premiered here at NewFest in late 2021—it's a great capsule of the era and the East Village!

Anonymous said...

Surely this will play in the village instead of faraway places like london and MCNY at some point…right?