Saturday, February 11, 2023

Saturday's parting shot

Photo by N&Lon7th 

The Guardian Angels today presented Ray with an award of friendship outside Ray's Candy Store at 113 Avenue A... more details via the Daily News.


John Penley said...

I am not exactly sure whether a Friendship Award from Cirtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels makes Ray any safer or more of a target since all the kind of people that would be inclined to assault Ray probably hate Sliwa and his army. I know Ray is happy because of this and for that I thank the Angels but please make this more than a photo op , make a pledge Curtis that you will have an Angel with Ray every night until it warms up and more people are on the street late at night.

John Penley said...

About a month ago I actually talked with Curtis Sliwa on the radio about a similar attack to Ray's , the murder of legendary Second Ave. Deli owner Abe Lebewohl and Sliwa said he would like to get the NYPD to reopen that unsolved murder case and since that conversation on air took place I have heard nothing more from Sliwa about doing it. I also would like to see the perp in that case caught since I photographed the van at the scene of his shooting and what I saw there is something I won't ever be able to forget.

Anonymous said...

With Sliwa, it’s always a photo op.