Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Virginia's eyes a March debut in new 3rd Street home

Virginia's is expected to open in mid-March ("give or take a few days") in the restaurant's new outpost at 200 E. Third St., just west of Avenue B.

According to the Virginia's Instagram account, they are hiring waitstaff and bussers. (Contact info is on the post.)

Virginia's closed on 11th Street at Avenue C on New Year's Eve 2021. Their lease was up, and ownership decided to look elsewhere for a new space for the bistro that opened in May 2015.

The last tenant here, Root & Bone, closed last April after eight years in business.  


Anonymous said...

From a neighbor who will visit you: PLEASE don't put up a street shed. There were so many rats from the last one, it makes you feel claustrophobic and nervous when walking by at night, it's noisy, and we've already lost public parking from new signs and citibikes. Plus the city will make you dismantle it soon enough. Looking forward to visiting.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Would love to enjoy some outdoor dining there!

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth now that Brindle has opened in the old Virginia's place the outdoor shed and immediate surroundings are dramatically cleaner. No more standing water etc. Across the street neighbors here.

Anonymous said...

feeling wistful at the memory of Mama’s