Sunday, February 26, 2023

Memories of Christo, Dora and Nora/Not-Dora in Tompkins Square Park

Photo this month by Steven

The Guardian this past week had a piece about Gacek, a plump black-and-white cat who is said to be the top tourist attraction in Szczecin, Poland. 

Guardian columnist Arwa Mahdawi wrote that "there's no better way to experience a new city than seeking out its Gacek-equivalent: the weird landmark that embodies the soul of a place far better than the more traditional sights." 

She then highlights our resident red-tailed hawks of Tompkins Square Park — at least the tawdry love triangle involving Christo, Dora and Nora/Not-Dora that made worldwide headlines in 2018. (You can read The Guardian article here.) 

Meanwhile, you may catch a glimpse of Christo and Amelia (on the scene since April 2018) in and around the Park... and it is officially mating season, as Goggla explains here.

Thanks to Derek Berg for sharing the Guardian article!


Anonymous said...

This is just the best!!! Thanks for making my morning. I also beseech the mourning doves for weather reports....and for their morning wake up calls. Again, thanks all of you amazing life chroniclers on this Evgrieve day!!!

Simon E said...

Bummer, the video at the CBS link won’t play in three different browsers I tried.

Anonymous said...

Le tigre ....Get off the Internet!!!