Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Catching up with Dora, wing on the mend

[Photos today by Steven]

Despite the worldwide attention, Dora was looking pretty relaxed today in Tompkins Square Park. The red-tailed hawk watchers believe that her rehabbed wing continues to get stronger.

A little later, the injured wing started hanging a little low, perhaps from the wind...

Since that Page 1 piece in the Post Sunday, several other media outlets have filed reports on the complicated hawk-love triangle involving Christo, Dora and Nora/Not-Dora ... including CBS 2 ... NY1 ... People ... and MNN (Mother Nature Network).

In its coverage today, The New York Times noted: "Consider us #TeamDora."

And a few excerpts from Goggla's latest dispatch, posted yesterday:

The hawks themselves are carrying on business as usual. Each morning, Christo and Dora work on their nest in the ginkgo tree on the east side of the park. Christo has been stripping bark off a scholar tree near the ping-pong table for lining the nest.

And what of Nora/Not-Dora?

I caught a glimpse of Nora perched on top of a Village View building around mid-day on Sunday. Christo disappears from the park for long periods of time during the day, and I'm assuming he's with Nora, but I haven't been able to find out if they have a second nest or what exactly they're up to. He returns to the park at the end of the day and both he and Dora roost in or near the park.

This evening, I saw Christo deliver a big rat to Dora before going to roost in the Krishna Tree. Even if they don't have a family this year, they are still a well-bonded pair.


Eden Bee said...

I love this! I have been #teamdora for months!
No more-a whore-a.

Scuba Diva said...

Thank you, @EVGrieve, for your continued reporting on this ongoing soap opera.