Friday, March 30, 2018

Construction watch: 150 Rivington St.

Here's a Passover look at the former Streit’s Matzo Factory ... where an under-construction, 7-story condoplex housing 45 units now stands at Rivington and Suffolk...

And the final condo product, as you've likely seen previously...

[Volley Studios]

Streeteasy shows a handful of units still on the market, from a little more than $1 million to $2.7 million.

This corner space was home to Streit’s Matzo Factory from 1925 to 2015. The family-owned business sold its original factory to Cogswell Realty in January 2015 for a reported $30.5 million.

Streit's, who left the LES in 2015, now operates out of more modern facilities in Rockland County. Here's a story about how they're doing today.

...and here's the slot for the future new ABC No Rio next door...

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1 comment:

aliasfox said...

Pro: it's not just a plain glass box
Con: it looks exactly like what a plain glass box would look like if the developer told the architect to "blend in" with the neighborhood after designing a glass box, but do it as cheaply as possible.

Too midtown, almost suburban office building aesthetic, blends in about as well as an orange Converse at a black tie event. But at least they tried dressing up. Slightly. C-