Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bookstore coming to the former St. Mark's Bookshop on 3rd Street

Work continues at 136 E. Third St. between Avenue A and First Avenue... an EVG reader who lives nearby reports that workers removed the paper covering the front windows on Monday... revealing the makings of a bookstore...

A worker at the scene confirmed this. So the next item of business will be to find out who the new tenant is, and what kind of books the shop will carry.

After 38 years at four locations, St. Mark's Bookshop closed here on Third Street in February 2016. Among other things, the long-struggling store reportedly owned some $70,000 in back rent to the NYCHA.

This incoming shop will be the second bookstore to open in the neighborhood since the New Year, joining Codex on the Bowery and Bleecker.

Updated 7 a.m.

The first commenter included a link to a DOB document ... showing that the tenant is Karma, the gallery-bookseller that currently has space on Second Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. This space will likely be for their art book/publishing arm.

H/T Katie Mac!


Anonymous said...

Permits shows Karma (of 188 E 2nd St) is moving down the block.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks! I didn't see that document!

Anonymous said...

Another new bookstore - nice!

Now how 'bout street libraries?

genevieve said...

Good. I miss St. Mark's. Visitwd Codex a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

The owner said: “I like being in places just where we’re on our own,” he said.

The art world has always been empathetic, with regard to displacement, harassment and gentrification. Brace up-here comes Chelsea. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

sophocles said...

With all the students in the area hopefully a bookstore can survive.