Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A look at some prime St. Mark's Place retail for rent

The former Kulture space is for rent at 23 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

Here are a few of the features for the 1,700-square-foot space, per the listing:

• Neighbor Tenants: Chipotle, Mamouns, Szechaun Mountain House, St. Marks Market, Korilla BBQ, Barcode, Flywheel, Orange Theory Fitnesss, Shake Shack
• Central East Village location steps from Astor Place
• At the base of a 41 unit residential building
• Extremey active foot traffic in a buzzing 24/7 neighborhood
• ADA access in place
• Column free
• Close to the 4, 6 subway station and St. Mark's Citi Bike Station

There isn't any mention of the rent.

Before Kulture, which opened in 2011, the space was the short-lived St. Mark's Cafe, Red Mango, Quizno's and, until June 2008, the CBGB shop...

Kulture, the tattoo-piercings-jewelry-smoke shop, moved a few storefronts to the east — to 31 St. Mark's Place — at the start of 2018...


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much empty retail space there is in EV.

Online retail has killed the need for small stores but landlords refuse to believe that the world has changed
and think they can charge outrageous rents

Anonymous said...

Do commercial landlords receive a tax break for keeping spaces empty?

Anonymous said...

Of course, rental "losses" are deductible , can be accumulated and under most commercial landlord's situations deducted from other income as well. And yes, that is one of the reasons landlords don't mind places staying empty. ...

so basically right now you have a situation where national chains will pay full retail rent and then landlords have benchmark for deductions of all empty rental spaces.

Anonymous said...

The deduction for loss of rent should be eliminated. Why should you be able to save money because you are too lazy and/or incompetent to find a tenant in one of the most desirable cities if not the most desirable city to do business in the world?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but can someone point me at the particular manner in which I can deduct the missing rent from a space I'm unable to rent out? Because as far as I know the only thing I can deduct is the RE taxes and some depreciation, whether the space is rented or not.