Monday, February 27, 2023

[Updated] Avenue C Laundromat now closing on March 31

Photos by Stacie Joy

Updated: The closing date was extended to March 31


Avenue C Laundromat closes after service tomorrow.

The official reason: the landlord (listed as D&K Plaza, Inc. in Rego Park) is selling (or has sold) the two-level building here at 69 Avenue C at Fifth Street. There isn't any listing of a sale in public records just yet.
The announcement earlier this month apparently caught staff by surprise... employees such as Ines Calle (below), who has worked here for 20 years, are left looking for new work...
Said one EVG reader about this closure: "It's a real bummer for anyone who lives in the immediate neighborhood and I feel bad that the women who have worked there for so many years are now looking for new jobs. I guess these new luxury buildings that keep going up in this neighborhood all come with a built-in washer/dryer? Ugh."


Anonymous said...

Horrible news - feel bad for all the folks who now have to find another Laundromat

DuchessofNYC said...

This used to be an affordable place to do laundry, but not when they installed new machines and jacked the prices. It was over $6 to do a load of laundry. Sorry that these workers are losing their jobs, but those were bullshit prices.

Anonymous said...

Guessing this little building will come down and something far larger and supposedly more "impressive" and "useful" will be built in its place.

SB3030 said...

I've been going there for twenty years.
Any recommendations for a new spot in the area?

Glenn said...


It might be a bit of a schlep, but there's an excellent laundromat on Ave B btw 3rd and 4th street. They also do dry cleaning.

Neighbor said...

Hopefully they quickly occupy a side street address near here!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will move to 122 Ave C at 8th St. It is an abandoned laundromat and set up for service.

Otherwise, it is just Michelle at 11th and C. And that is drop off only.

Self service on Ave B near 11th St.

This is a real loss.

The employees there were nice. The owner was hard.

For self service you did have to watch out for thieves. I learned the hard way. Some customers were contending with tough challenges.