Thursday, February 16, 2023

Thursday's parting shot

Photo by Steven 

Multiple readers have mentioned this barricaded chair on the NE corner of Fifth Street and Second Avenue... we are on it. #FreeTheChair


Anonymous said...

It’s a very important chair.

DrBOP said...

--ghosting the ghosts of the EV

--"Don't Fence Me In"

--NYTimes downsizing

--Village Voice up-sizing

-- previous locaton of HunterBidenLapTop(one word)

--"captain, we left two behind.....captain?.......CAPTAIN?"

--waiting for next Banksy reveal

--1st step in expanded NYPD patrols

--Chinese Spy office chair

--art exhibit tribute "Waiting For Travis"

Anonymous said...

@DrBOP, thanks for the morning spew of coffee onto keyboard

Anonymous said...

Hey, that is my new office!