Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Tompkins Square Post Office leaving us hanging!

Photo by Stacie Joy 

As seen on the door at the Tompkins Square Post Office on Third Street between Avenue B and Avenue C.

Sorry we do not supply tape at the.


Dan said...

DeJoy cut funding on grammar too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Funny, I was just at a UPS store and they couldn’t give me tape to tape my box. They said I had to pay for it.

Pennys herb co said...

I did mail order for many years🥇
Never ever expected post office to supply me with tape.
Pennys herb co. & gem. Store🍁🍁🍁

Anonymous said...

I once went there to pick up a package. I didn't bring the tracking number with me, but did bring my NY State ID with my Manhattan address on it. The person at front desk told me she couldn't help me without the tracking number. So I went home and wrote down the tracking number and returned the next day (I was upset). The same person helped me and glanced at the tracking number for a second, set it aside, then asked me for my ID and looked up my package via my name from my ID.

Jose García said...

Although it costs a prettier penny than USPS, we look forward to sending stuff via East Village Postal (First Ave/9-10) which we have done for many, many years. They have tape and will share so that's a win/win too. Best, JG

EV Signage + Font Troll said...

This signage is giving me Stuyvesant PO (original flavor)! What a disaster that place was! Sometimes I actually miss it.

Brian Van said...

Lots of Post Offices have extra tape for you. So this is just a local choice.

With UPS/FedEx, always bring your own tape.

Anonymous said...

I once walked in here with $9k in 50's so my friend could pay their rent controlled rent. They were so patient with my friiend. She meticulously wrote up each payment. And they ain't payin for your tape!

VH McKenzie said...

Slightly off topic, but in the same vein -
I went to the UPS store on 3rd Avenue, between 9th and 10th Street, in order to get a document notarized. There are VERY large typeset letters on the front windows offering their services, including "NOTARY."
I approached the counter and said that I had a few documents that I needed to have notarized.

"Oh, we don't have a notary."

I turned and pointed to the window with the VERY LARGE letters on the window - NOTARY, "But you offer notary services right on your storefront?"

"Oh, well we would if we have a notary but we don't."

"Well, perhaps you should take that word off your window," I said, while the clerk looked at me like I was crazy.

Perhaps you should just plaster the words "diamond earrings" on the window, since you don't offer those either.