Friday, September 29, 2023

2 men arrested for allegedly dealing drugs outside an NYPD block meeting

Photos and reporting by Stacie Joy 

Yesterday afternoon, the 9th Precinct held a Sector A Build the Block Meeting at Virginia's, the bistro on Third Street at Avenue B. 

Few people were in attendance (business owners I spoke with were unaware it was taking place). 

Topics for this part of the neighborhood during the session included drugs and crime on Third Street and Avenue D ... smoke shops and illegal cannabis sales and enforcement ... package thefts from residential lobbies... additional street lights for Third Street between A and B (a DOT issue), and shoplifting at Duane Reade on Avenue B and Second Street.
An unexpected highlight: Despite the heavy NYPD presence, at the tail end of this meeting, two local residents were observed selling/purchasing white powder drugs directly outside the meeting (next to a giant POLICE MEETING sign) and were arrested.


Anonymous said...

Glad they actually arrested them! Idiots

Anonymous said...

Someone polish the Darwin award!

Anonymous said...

I live next to here and I didn't even know about this event. But I have a pretty good idea of who tweedledum is because they have been doing this here in plain sight for a while now

Anonymous said...

The police did not post notices around the neighborhood? Local businesses did not know? It was not publicized? They did not send out a press release announcing the meeting to local media like this one? Least possible effort for statistics and pr use only. No real effort to help the nieghborhood. Shame on NYPD, yet again.

Anonymous said...

This is just a regularly occurring meeting. They do actually publish on social media. And I always hear about meetings ahead of time as well through my block association that forwards the info to all members. The police precinct has a long list of community associations, etc that they send a notice out to also…If you wanted to be involved it would be easy enough.