Thursday, September 14, 2023

The case of the missing East Village Mini Market signage

Photo by Steven

On Sept. 2, we noted that Tompkins Finest Deli & Grill abruptly closed at 153 Avenue A near 10th Street... and just like that, new business signage for the East Village Mini Market was on the storefront. 

The new business gave off some smoke shop vibes... in any event, that signage is gone for now. (Also noted by a commenter on the last post the other day.) 

The windows remain papered over, so we can't tell what's going on inside. 

So. Theories! 

1) The sign was damaged and needs to be replaced 
2) The owners had second thoughts and decided not to open 
3) The landlord had second thoughts about renting to a smoke shop 
4) All the above


Anonymous said...

I'm going with # 3 for $500

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, my Diet Coke, peanut M&M’s, and Cherry Garcia consumption has dropped precipitously. Bring back Tompkins Square Best Deli!



Sarah said...

#3. Someone pointed out the new law to the landlord.

Anonymous said...

Nice plants hanging above…