Monday, September 18, 2023

The owners of Unregular Pizza unveil the Unregular Bakery on 4th Avenue

EVG reader pic!

The Unregular Pizza team is keeping it irregular.

Owners Gabriele Lamonaca and Paola Sinisgalli recently (Sept. 8!) opened Unregular Bakery a block south of their Fourth Avenue pizzeria.

Unregular Bakery, 124 Fourth Ave., just south of 13th Street, features a bomboloni (Italian doughnuts) and croissant menu overseen by Chef Warren Rojas. The draw here is the "Bombolone di grano arso" (burnt wheat bombolone) filled with stracciatella, capicollo and sundried tomato paste.

And per Unregular reps:
The bakery, just like the pizzerias, will offer a barter system: by signing up online, New Yorkers and visitors will be able to exchange other foods, drinks, experiences and/or art for the items mentioned above.


The bakery is planning to launch the first-ever BomboFest (a bombolone festival) in New York City in November, inviting home-based bomboloni chefs to present their creations with the aim of displaying it at the bakery for a limited amount of time. The objective is to honor the fact that the owners' first business was born at home. 
Bakery hours: Daily from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Unregular Pizza opened in May 2021 at 135 Fourth Ave. between 13th Street and 14th Street. Before this, Lamonaca, who previously worked at EV restaurants Huertas and Cacio e Vino, made headlines for his bartering system. Lamonaca started experimenting with his pizza-making skills during the pandemic. From his Harlem apartment, he whipped up a handful of pies every week and made them available via barter. 

There are now three NYC outposts of the pizzeria. 


Anonymous said...

Exciting to see new bakery in the neighborhood! I’ve tried a few different ones and they are spectacular.
The coffee is really high quality and is very reasonably priced.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to be a jerk here... but I don't have anything I can barter with, other than cash. Paying for things with cash is all I really am comfortable doing, sadly. Needless to say I find this a curious concept. The food looks and sounds great though. Do they take regular cash too?

Anonymous said...

Obviously they take regular money. The photo even has the prices.

Anonymous said...

Great pizzas by these guys!!! Did not know they barter.