Friday, September 29, 2023

Scenes of standing water in Tompkins Square Park today

Top photo by Joe; all others by Steven 

There were plenty of reports showing flooding and damage throughout the city during today's storms... as remnants of Tropical Storm Ophelia prompted flash flood warnings.

Central Park had nearly 6 inches of recorded rainfall, per media reports. Closer to home, there were many clips showing flooding along the FDR near the Williamsburg Bridge. 

We saw a lot of standing water in Tompkins Square Park, but thankfully no downed trees...
The area near the chess tables at the entrance to Seventh Street and Avenue A seemed to have the most flooding...
Whether by roads or public transportation, getting around today was a maddening experience. As Gothamist reported earlier: "Commuters and critics alike said their experiences reflected poor planning by city and state officials and severe lack of communication in the face of a cascading situation."

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Kim said...

Our district always get the short end of the stick because of our poor representation. Yes, there was historic flooding, but this was to be expected. I’ve noticed several sewers in our neighborhood where there’s asphalt poured up to the top, because the city workers were lazy and dump the excess, when repaving the roads. We need some of this in our district:
Brooklyn Bridge Park is lovely. The landscaping is fabulous, there’s room for bikers and walkers, and a very pleasant way to spend the day. As everyone knows, she’s slaughtered hundreds of trees in East River Park. They essentially finished the first section from 18th St. to 23rd St. It doesn’t look elevated to me. They ripped out all the trees and while it’s cleaner, there is no shade and not very welcoming. They built a wall with a door that will close and if there’s an anticipated flood. So why rip out the trees? They could’ve just built the wall. I read recently that Staten Island was even getting a makeover of their waterfront and I’m sure it will look lovely, whereas ours not so much. Carlina only cares about photo apps, and her TransAlt agenda. It’s tiresome and she needs to go.