Monday, September 18, 2023

Hello Lollo: Pizzeria signage alert at 27 Avenue B

Photo by Stacie Joy

Signage went up late last week for Lollo, the incoming restaurant-pizzeria at 27 Avenue B between Second Street and Third Street. 

As we first reported in April, a group of partners originally from Northern Italy are behind the new establishment, serving a variety of pasta dishes as well as brick-oven pizzas. (BTW: Lollo is short for Lorenzo, the chef and one of the partners.) 

No word just yet on an opening date. If you're on Instagram, they have a placeholder account here.

The space was previously home to Solo Pizza, which closed following a rent hike in September 2022 after 15 years in business.

As multiple readers have pointed out, this is a pretty pizza-heavy corridor now between Third Street and down Clinton... last week, we first reported about the new venture from Luigi Iasilli, owner of the well-liked Max restaurant, who's opening Potenza Centrale at 38 Avenue B... and Luzzo's made a May 2022 debut at 15 Avenue B. 


Neighbor said...

I will never understand the concentration of pizza happening here but it's one million times better than vacancies so all for it. Wishing them all the best.

Anonymous said...

Probably because it’s New York City? Go to the south and you’ll see southern food or bbq everywhere. Go to SoCal and you’ll see taquerias everywhere. That’s why.

Anonymous said...

Hhmm, the start of " The Great Avenue B Pizza Wars "?

Anonymous said...

@Neighbor - why is everything better than a vacancy in your opinion? We need balanced retail if we are to have a neighborhood. My guess is you live on a side street and not an avenue.

Anonymous said...

Lol you have no clue just how much pizza in this area if you’re comparing it to SoCal and the South. I live near this place, which was a pizza place before they closed it and decided to add a new pizza place. Within less than a 2 block radius there’s 8 pizza shops (square, bigabite, luzzos, uncle Sams, II posto, dollar pizza, two boots and now this). Give or take an extra block or 2 the number jumps to 12. And this is standing on the corner of 2nd & B you can count this many. It’s an insane concentration.

Anonymous said...

We need pizza on Ave C!!!