Thursday, September 21, 2023

About Cure Thrift's community-driven new space coming to 3rd Avenue

Cure Thrift is expanding its footprint on the northeast corner of Third Avenue and 12th Street. (H/T Pinch!)

In the months ahead, the eclectic nonprofit that benefits juvenile diabetes research and advocacy will debut The Market at Cure Thrift in the vacant storefront next door (the former Basics Plus, which closed in the spring).
Cure's ownership told us what to expect: 
We are using the basement for much-needed storage for Cure and will be turning the upstairs into a weekend vendors market that is very affordable for second-hand sellers and artists to sell their goods out of! 

During the week, we'll hold specialty events like dollar sales, stuff-a-bag sales, art and rare book nights, fundraisers, etc. It will be an extension of Cure Thrift, but different. It will be community-driven with a strong focus on small businesses, sustainability and affordability. 
The two storefronts were previously connected when Surprise! Surprise! was here (until 2014) ... Basics Plus downsized the space in 2019, becoming two separate retail spaces. 

However, reverting to that previous layout is not feasible now. 
"Unfortunately, we can't connect them since they're technically different buildings, but it's all us. We're very excited. (But we'd love to go back in time to those Surprise! Surprise! days!)"
Cure, which started in 2008, moved to the larger corner space in September 2021... after years on 12th Street between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue.


Neighbor said...

Amazing they can afford the rent on this corner. Glad to see the expansion though.

Anonymous said...

This is sublime. Thank you. Nameste.

Anonymous said...

The window display in the new space cracks me up, b/c based on that sofa and side-table, it seems that my living room has become fashionable/trendy again! All I did was keep everything (including the original Princess Phone) in place for 50 years.

Anonymous said...

They are actually quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

always one downer on a feel-good post. always.

Anonymous said...

Amazing merchandising of fashion and furniture says this former display queen

Sarah said...

Thank God it's not going to be a smoke shop!

Anonymous said...

Love this place, the kind staff, and witty curation of always interesting items. Looking forward to the fun.