Friday, December 29, 2023

A new era for East Village mainstay Anna

Photo by Stacie Joy

After nearly 30 years in the East Village, the Anna brand has launched a new era in the Garment District.

Designer Kathy Kemp explains in an Instagram post from last month:
It's been almost 30 years, and so many friendships have started at the store with the Anna clothes. Those relationships have grown over the years and mean so much to us. We're hoping to bring that magic to the factory, and we're excited to see you at our new location in the Garment District on West 39th Street. It's our studio but also a store where we share ideas, design, manufacture and shop. 

The Garment District is a second home where all Anna pieces come together, and it feels right to fuse our worlds and share them with you in a place that inspires us so much.
The new location is at 257 W. 39th St. (7th floor) between Seventh Avenue and Eighth Avenue.

This means that the boutique on Fifth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue is now vacant. This was Anna's third EV outpost, after spots on Third Street and 11th Street. 

For more on Anna, read this great interview with Kemp by James Maher from 2014. 

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Anonymous said...

An East Village treasure! I used to love going when Kimberle Vogan worked there. A genius of style.