Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Construction watch: 183 Avenue B

Three-plus years have passed since we checked in at 183 Avenue B between 11th Street and 12th Street. 

The rendering recently arrived on the plywood for the 8-floor, 12-unit residential building in the works... oh!
Here's more about the project via its website:
The Village Garden Condominium is a stylish bright building, standing out above its neighbors. All units are flooded by natural light. Lower floors provide views of the beautiful historic buildings of the Lower East Side; upper floors afford sweeping views of the neighborhood and Tomkins Square Park.
The two full-floor penthouse units include two terraces, perfect for inviting friends or a romantic evening. The delight of your private outdoor space can be appreciated during the morning sunrise or in the evening with a glass of wine. 
In January 2017, Corcoran listed the property with a $4.75 million ask. The building — with air rights intact — sold for that exact amount in April 2017, per public records. The DOB permit lists Richard Pino via the Tompkins 183 LLC as the owner.

The existing four-story building was later demolished on this lot in early 2020.

Work on the new condoplex remains in the foundation phase. There's a December 2024 completion date listed on the plywood rendering. 


Trixie said...

I do love an outdoor spiral staircase.

noble neolani said...

Miami on Ave B, no need to go to JFK. With the never going away restaurant sheds across from this spot this building will take about 10 years to finish.

Anonymous said...

Yo that's true the sheds on those couple of blocks are so annoying, it's so clautsrophic and dirty, get rid of them already. Walking my dog on there is mad annoying. And no I don't want to walk in the weird
open street" where there are gates in the middle of a functioning street for no reason.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how there could be TWO "full floor penthouse units" in a building that narrow.

I could see two penthouses, each one occupying a half-floor of the footprint of the building, but two full floor penthouses does not compute, esp. given the rendering they show.

Anonymous said...

Love the pronouncement about two penthouses ... that term used to mean an apartment on the TOP-MOST floor of a building yet their website says the fitness center will be on the top floor. Who wants to pay premium $$ for an apartment that's NOT on the top floor, and is going to get the noise from the fitness center overhead?