Friday, December 15, 2023

RIP Phil Klein

Several EVG readers who shop at Whiskers Holistic Pet Care, which has been on Ninth Street at Second Avenue since 1988, shared the following sad news about one of its owners. (H/T Bayou!)

Phil Klein died in his sleep at home on Nov. 24. He was 81. 

According to a memorial post on the shop's Facebook account, Phil suffered a heart attack eight years ago and had not been at Whiskers since then. 

Here's more via the Facebook post...
Of course, he missed going into the store, said his wife and partner of 42 years Randy Klein. "He would go in every day with gusto. Never angry or with frustration."

Phil and Randy Klein are a New York story if ever there was one. Having met 43 years ago at a bus stop in front of the New York Public Library, they were both going to the same stop at 34th Street to Penn Station — one to Flushing and the other to Long Island. That became a ride of love, and they married a year later in 1982. 

You could say that fateful meeting started them off on the same road into a shared future that led to Whiskers Holistic Pet Care. Born from their commitment to trying to save their own dog from cancer and the frustration and anger with traditional recommendations and medicine. 
Phil Klein, a Vietnam veteran, played the drums and loved to ride his motorcycle any chance he got. 

Survivors include Randy Klein, his wife of 42 years and co-founder of Whiskers Holistic Pet Care; his cousin, Betty Edel; and his closest friend, Richie Armento.

Whiskers is asking that people share memories and tributes to Phil on Facebook.


Annie said...

Thank you, Phil and Randy, for bringing Whiskers to our neighborhood. I extend my sympathy to his family and friends. He was a kind man.

Anonymous said...

I had a Shih Tzu,

He told me when I walked in there years ago. He said "Lady put that dog down it's not a baby"

Anyway he taught me how to holistically care for and feed my pet, but I still carried the dog like a baby. Off you go to sleep in peace sir! I'm sure you will be surrounded by pet and animal angels.

Thanks for everything you taught me. I sent many that way to your shop over the years.


Pennys herb co.🪷 said...

Phil 🙏🙏♥️
All I can say -he was a real MENCHE-♥️🥇👑🏆

Anonymous said...

Whiskers was always so helpful and kind to my husband and I as we tried to help our dog with her own bout with cancer. We are very lucky to have this special pet health resource. Thanks for all the service and kindness. So sorry for your loss. Good people doing good work. Godspeed.

creature said...

Good humans there at Whiskers. Rest in peace, Phil.

Anonymous said...

Phil's excellent advice for two aging pets (17 year old dog, 15 year old cat) helped them have comfortable and happy final years. My most recent late dog adored him and would drag me to the back of the store to say hello to him even before she went to beg lamb lung from the rest of the staff. I'm so sad my new dog will not get to know Phil. Condolences to Randy and the entire Whiskers family.

Blogger me Booger said...

Phil will be opening a new store in Pet Heaven. All the animals that found succor in Whiskers from a variety of ailments will be waiting with warm licks and wet noses to greet him upon his Grand Opening.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of Phil's passing. More than once I had the good fortune to receive his wise (and warmly brusque) counsel on holistic pet care that would restore my dog and cats to good and long-lasting health . . . and have always loved bringing friends by to share the one-of-a-kind experience at the Whiskers store (and check out the latest unprocessed, clean treats with my enthusiastic dog in tow) and incredible team he and his wife created. Thank you, Phil, for the years of love and care you gave to so many of us and our pets, and my condolences to family, friends, colleagues, and fellow Whiskers lovers . . . and thank you for the ongoing gift.