Sunday, December 10, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a sunrise pic from Tompkins Square Park)...

• City officials help facilitate successful meal handout for asylum seekers in the East Village (Monday)

• RIP Ed Burns (Tuesday

 • The Joyce Theater Foundation completes the purchase of the former Boys' Club on 10th Street and Avenue A (Tuesday

• Proposed hotel next to the Merchant's House Museum returns to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (Thursday

• Report: Police chase ends with Jeep crashing into 2nd Avenue sidewalk bridge, injuring cyclist (Monday)

• Federico of Pinc Louds is doing a residency on Wednesdays this month at 96 Tears (Tuesday

• Happy No. 139 to the Ottendorfer Library branch! (Friday

• 360 Bowery is all glassed up (Monday

• A 'Centennial' celebration of Saul Leiter (Wednesday)

• About the discounted tix to see Basquiat x Warhol at the Brant Foundation (Thursday

• Construction watch: 340 Bowery (Wednesday

• A sign of the Sunflower (and brunch) on 2nd Avenue (Thursday

• A bad sign at Gaia Italian Café (Wednesday

• Signage alert: La Vera Pizza on 2nd Avenue (Monday

• Filipino restaurant Naks set to open on 1st Avenue via the Unapologetic Foods team (Monday)

 • Another look at the newly reconstructed Tompkins Square Park multipurpose courts (Monday

... and speaking of the courts... it's no running track, but these markings arrived in recent days...
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R V Jones said...

I guess that rubbish scribble means someone thinks they “own” it now. I despise graffiti.