Tuesday, December 12, 2023

On the sales market: 180 1st Ave., home of the dual Michael Jackson murals

The five-story residential building on the SE corner of First Avenue and 11th Street recently arrived on the sales market.

There are actually two buildings here at 180 First Ave. (it extends east on 11th Street). The five-story mixed-use buildings contain three retail units (with an unlicensed weed shop in the corner space) and 14 residential units.

The Marcus and Millichap listing notes: "The free-market units were all recently gut renovated and finishes include brand new appliances, in-unit washer and dryers, dishwashers, high ceilings, tons of natural light, smart-lock entry and a video intercom system."

The asking price is $11.850 million.

There is no mention of the mural by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra showing Michael Jackson as a child and adult... which arrived here in July 2018. Kobra said he wouldn't paint over the mural after the early 2019 allegations in which two former child performers described how Jackson sexually abused them while they were children.


drew said...

I guess The Ramones, Beastie Boys, Talking Heads, Plasmatics, Patti Smith, Madonna, Guthrie, Blondie, Cro-Mags, Charlie Parker or Lou Reed would've made us feel too proud...?

so we pay a Brazillian dude to paint a portrait of a rich pedophile from Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

I used to live in the building behind this one @ 402 E 11th (which is included in the deal), the landlord was not the best and my apt always had issues, loss of heat in the winter,flooding from upstairs apartments,shitty short term European renters,I was in a preferred rent situation which made it all tolerable, but left it all behind in the summer of 2020 to escape the covid/BLM madness. Everyone was pissed when the mural went up and agree with Drew @ 7:33 that it was not Lou Reed. Also the "smells" from the Hala Food truck which showed up in 2012 or so (who never gets tickets, never ever moves for street cleaning) were unbearable at times. Good riddance.

elyse said...

I sincerely hope the new owner(s) paint over those murals. It does not belong in the East Village, much less anywhere. I get upset everytime I see it.

noble neolani said...

MJ still not cancelled, guess his record sales are making enough people money to care.


And that's a very important message for Kobra to perpetuate, which is never take sexual abuse against boys seriously.

Anonymous said...

Look at your neighbors struggling with sanity. Look at homeless addicts dying on the street.
Look at mentally ill people screaming in agony.
Look at reality and FEEL that! This is just paint on a wall.

Anonymous said...

MJ was from Detroit.