Sunday, July 29, 2018

On the wall: Mural of Michael Jackson, as a child and an adult, in progress on 11th Street

[Photo by Goggla]

Here's an in-progress look at the building-size mural going up on the southeast corner of 11th Street and First Avenue... Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra is creating mural showing Michael Jackson as a child and adult...

[Photo by Lola Saenz]

... and by early evening yesterday...

Kobra expects to have the mural completed by Wednesday.

His work "utilizes bright colors and bold lines while staying true to a kaleidoscope theme throughout his art. The technique of repeating squares and triangles allows him to bring to life the famous people he depicts in his images."

And a sampling of his work from around the world...


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Hope it’s not near a playground.

Brian said...

The younger Michael doesn't look like Jackson.

Garrett said...

It should be faxing a corresponding Kevin Spacey mural