Monday, July 16, 2018

'A Fresh New Look' coming to the 14th Street McDonald's

[Photo by Pinch]

As noted on July 5, the McDonald's on 14th Street near First Avenue closed without any notice... work permits point to an interior renovation.

This past week, a banner arrived on the plywood promising "a fresh new look" ... meanwhile, workers are gutting the inside ...

An EVG reader left this comment on the previous McD's post:

I live in the building so have this info: They will be closed for 3 weeks and are remodeling: Trying out a mostly black facade in an attempt to class it up.....

Previously on EV Grieve:
The McDonald's on 14th Street at 1st Avenue is now closed, and gutted, for the time being


JQ LLC said...

The franchise is going through a vast remake/remodel. The one in Howard Beach in Queens, which has been there for close to 50 years was also shut down suddenly and boarded up, it looks like it went through a fire. But it's going through a thorough makeover.

With the all black storefront design, it looks like they are imitating Shake Shack. Which is quite a turn of events for the longtime fast food chain. It reminds me of Mr. McDowell in Coming to America.

Anonymous said...

"in an attempt to class it up" lol

Anonymous said...

Need to class up the block itself. However, notice lately foot patrol cops.