Thursday, July 26, 2018

[Updated] Sick red-tailed fledgling taken away from Tompkins Square Park for evaluation

[Photo by Goggla]

In recent days we've enjoyed watching the younger of the two red-tailed fledglings frolicking in Tompkins Square Park.

However, as Goggla noted, Amelia and Christo's older fledgling has kept a lower profile, staying perched in a tree.

And yesterday, the hawklet looked unwell. NYC Urban Park Rangers Rob Mastrianni and Nick Baisley came to the Park, and took the hawklet to the Animal Medical Center for testing and evaluation, Goggla reported.

Here's a video of the capture...

Visit Goggla's site for more photos and updates.

Updated 7/29

Unfortunately the fledgling died early this morning. Early test results showed anemia and exposure to rodenticide. More to come...


margo said...

so cute

Anonymous said...

Bare handed, no less!

Eden Bee said...

awww...poor little thing.