Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Activity in the former DF Mavens space

EVG DF Mavens correspondent Steven spotted workers inside the former DF Mavens space this morning on Second Avenue at St. Mark's Place...

Workers weren't too chatty about what they were working on ... perhaps a new tenant is taking over this prime retail spot?

DF Mavens, the vegan ice cream shop, closed in January 2016 after two years in business... and the storefront has remained tenant free and for-lease-sign free since then.

Every so often, a past-due rent notice arrives on the door.


Giovanni said...

Actually, DF Mavens was only open for a little bit over a year, since it took them a whole year to build that space out, with the exotic rainforest wood trimmings and all. The walking traffic on this corner is not nearly as heavy as the rent implies, and most of it blows by as people head east and west. So whoever moves in better be ready to move out real soon.

2nd Avenue Dave said...

How could anyone think that its possible to pay $25K monthly rent selling vegan ice cream? This thing was going out of business the minute they came up with the idea. That's 5,000 cones a month just to pay the rent (assuming $5/cone), without even considering payroll, cost of goods, taxes, utilities, etc. They'd likely have to sell around 18,000 cones a month (around 600 cones per day) just to break even. That's about 1 cone per minute every single day for the entire year. Who thought this would be a good idea, and how was this financed?

Good god, Man. THINK before you open a business.

sophocles said...

I think your numbers are very low Dave. You probably want gross sales to be 10 times rent. So that's 250K per month in sales. At $5 a cone that's 50,000 cones a month.