Thursday, July 19, 2018

9th Precinct welcomes new CO with long NYPD pedigree

Late last week, Deputy Inspector Vincent Greany turned over the CO's pin at the 9th Precinct to Capt. John L. O’Connell.

Greany, who joined the 9th Precinct in June 2016, is now assigned to the 32nd Precinct in Harlem.

O’Connell introduced himself on Twitter yesterday (pictured, right)...

O’Connell is a third-generation police officer and a fourth-generation public servant.

The Daily News featured O'Connell in an article back in November 2016:

His great-grandfather began the family's legacy in city public service by becoming a firefighter. O'Connell's late grandfather Michael Lonergan joined the NYPD in 1946 and rose to the rank of chief of operations — the highest-ranking uniformed member of the department — in 1974.

O'Connell's mom, Virginia O'Connell, 72, joined the NYPD in 1966 and was one of the first women to enter the Police Academy when the Police Women's Bureau merged with the NYPD. His father John O'Connell, 76, is a retired NYPD detective.

And O'Connell's wife, Jennifer, 37, also is an NYPD detective — not to mention scores of uncles and cousins among the Finest.

"It's an honor being a part of a family of legacy," he said. "It's a privilege."

No word just yet when he might meet with community members or what he considers the neighbor's most-pressing crime-related issues.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he can fill us in on the commotion on 5th st & C around 5 pm? So so many cops. Hope all is alright.

Anonymous said...

if i had a dollar for everytime i have seen parked cop cars with both cops reclining on their phones id have a month's rent (market rate).

maybe get more people on the street, its worked at 14th and 1st lately.