Monday, July 30, 2018

About Fiona Silver's 'Thunder and Lightning'

East Village-based singer-songwriter Fiona Silver released her latest single today, a very personal track titled "Thunder and Lightning."

She talks about the song in an interview published at Bust:

"Thunder and Lightning" is a really special song to me. There are times when inspiration strikes, and it feels otherworldly — this is one of those rare times for me. I was struggling to cope with the loss of my older brother, sitting in the room he was born — where we grew up together in my small East Village apartment — and I wrote the lyrics to this song. It was about a year ago, right before my album was going to come out, and I took a phrase from the first line of the song and titled my album Little Thunder as a precursor to this track.

I knew I wanted everything about this recording to be significant and special to me. I had come to Memphis for the first time on tour and met Boo Mitchell (a Grammy award-winning producer) outside of the venue I played at, by chance. A few months later I came back to Memphis to record with him at Royal Studios, where his father recorded all of Al Green’s records.

Check out the song here.

Silver is currently on tour with Gary Clark Jr. ... they'll be out in Prospect Park on Aug. 9.

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