Monday, July 23, 2018

Trailer-outdoor gallery moving ahead of 1st Street road work

Workers will be moving the trailer that has sat on First Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue these past seven years ...

The trailer will depart this week for water-main work on this block. It's not known just how long it will be gone.

Since January 2012, the trailer has served as an outdoor gallery via the Centre-fuge Public Art Project.

Centre-fuge was up to Cycle 23. (The art has not changed here since last August.)

The Department of Transportation uses the trailer as an office for the long-delayed East Houston Reconstruction project that will — let's face it — never be finished, at least at the intersection of Houston and the Bowery.


Anonymous said...

art was nice, but always a junky in the garbage sense stretch that was unpleasant, especially right by the park

Anonymous said...

Wow! This clears up so much. I honestly had no idea what this trailer was for. Half-assumed someone had set up a sneaky rent-free apt dwelling right in plain site. Hidden by graffiti.