Monday, July 16, 2018

Zen Yai Pho Shop leaving 6th Street for larger space; new concept TK

The Zen Yai Pho Shop was not open this past weekend... This outpost of the Sunnyside-based Zen Yai Pho Shop & Coffee just opened in April at 518 E. Sixth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.

In an email, the owners explained that Zen Yai is moving to an (undisclosed) new, larger location ... and they will use the Sixth Street space for a new concept.

That Zen Yai Pho Shop was successful enough to move to a bigger space is good news for this address. Last year the storefront saw the quick arrival and departure of both Baron's Dim Sum and Tasty Garden.

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Zen Yai Pho Shop coming to 6th Street


sophocles said...

We went once when they opened. Pho was in the average range. They were using disposable bowls and utensils so maybe they are looking for a space with a dishwasher. It doesn't makes sense to me that they close to move to an undisclosed location if they were making money.

Unknown said...

I was super disappointed by this place. The pho was OK but the coffee was bad. I heard good things about their other location, I hope things turn around. Very curious what 'new concept' they have in mind.