Monday, February 5, 2018

Tasty Garden hasn't been open lately

[Photo from Jan. 24]

The windows at Tasty Dumpling on Sixth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B have been papered over the past two-plus weeks. There's no sign up noting a temporary closure for renovations. And the phone is currently disconnected.

However, an EVG reader who lives on the block reports seeing someone inside the space doing something.

The same thing happened at this address (No. 518) last summer when paper arrived on the windows at Baron's Dim Sum. A few weeks later came Tasty Garden, serving various dumplings and wontons.

The address seems to specialize in businesses that quickly close, such as a psychic... and an organic dry cleaner/cafe.

In any event I heard good things about Tasty Garden from readers. Perhaps it will return.

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Anonymous said...

That was a quick run. Too bad. I really enjoyed this place. Their food was flavorful, fresh and made to order. Although the young woman who manned the counter was often surly and uncooperative with me during the numerous times I visited, the older woman/chef, presumably the owner, was gracious and warm, who once insisted I drink a tall cup of hot tea with honey, as I waited for food while I was ill. She was very sweet.

It makes you wonder how many bowls of soup, noodles, and trays of dumplings can one sell to even afford rent in the EV, let alone break even, or attempt to generate a profit. Smaller venues such as this don't last long, especially on sixth street without a lot patronage from passers by. They did have a cute Instagram page as well. :(

Anonymous said...

That's what you want in a small, home style restaurant--"surly and uncooperative" service. Why is it so hard to be friendly and considerate if that's what you are paid to do? If you are the owner of a business there is no excuse for not training your staff to be nice, and being nice yourself, unless your business is in such demand it doesn't matter.

Terry said...

Agree with “surly and uncooperative” and raise you with screechingly loud. Couldn’t stand to be in the tiny echoey room while she yelled and screamed through my meal. The dude outside was also creepy. Did they have a sidewalk license btw?

Anonymous said...

That's too bad - their dumplings were really good.

Anonymous said...

The spicy wontons and dan dan noodles were insanely good. The cashier was definitely a dope - told me friend he would be handsome if he shaved his beard. I also ordered 3 steamed dumplings one night as the menu had an order as 1 dumpling. Got there and she had 18 dumplings for me and argued that it said orders of 6 on the menu. She showed me the menu with "Orders of 1" crossed out with sharpie and "Orders of 6" scribbled over it. She also gave my food away to someone else once because I didn't show up within 7 minutes of ordering. The crap service was worth it though. That food was DOPE!

sophocles said...

3:15 PM: Reminds me of the time that I ordered three bean chili soup at Hale & Hearty and I thought I was getting three containers of soup!