Sunday, September 4, 2016

You likely saw this closure coming

A closure to note from this past week... the psychic who had set up a psychic reading shop on East Sixth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B has closed after just six months of psychicing.

Despite a competitive $10 psychic reading deal and loyal fanbase nearby at Josie's, the business just couldn't sustain itself.

The space, which previously housed a (short-lived) organic dry cleaners-cafe, is now for rent.

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You likely had a feeling of what is opening in this storefront on East 6th Street


Zoltar said...

Called it. They should have come to me.

Anonymous said...

I think they are trying to tell us something about the future.... all businesses in the EV will only last 6 months.... oh wait that's the present, never mind.

Anonymous said...

If they didn't know before that this is a Zoltar town, then they certainly know it now.

Anonymous said...

How do these psychic readers pay such high rents?

Anonymous said...

Take a guess.

Anonymous said...

I really don't have a guess, the price per square foot certainly destroys any profit from a $10 psychic reading. I've never been witness or even suspected anything illegal here or any psychic reading site. Can you give me a hint?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Willies Finest will open a info shop here

Anonymous said...

One part of their scam is to see into the future that something bad is going to happen to you. Then for $50 more they will give you more details. Then for $300 more they will cast a spell that prevents the bad thing from happening (for a month, then it becomes a subscription service)

There is a subset of people that fall for the scam.

So $10 becomes a lot more than that.

I always thought it was a front for red light activities, but someone did an undercover video that showed the above scam.