Monday, September 26, 2016

Watch the presidential debate tonight in the great outdoors at La Plaza Cultural

La Plaza Cultural will be showing the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tonight at 9 on a big screen.

The community garden is on the southwest corner of Avenue C and Ninth Street.

No charge. And the entertainment will be provided.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone go to this? Any reports?

Anonymous said...

Most media outlets have their takes on the last night's debate.

Here's one poll results from the Post no less --

Hillary Clinton trounced Donald Trump in Monday night’s debate — the first of three slugfests between the two candidates, according to a poll of voters who viewed the showdown.

Sixty-two percent of voters who tuned into the debate at Hofstra University backed the Democratic nominee, while only 27 percent said they thought The Donald pulled it off, according to a CNN/ORC Poll.

By a margin of more than 2-to-1, voters said Clinton expressed her views more clearly and had a better understanding of the issues.

Anonymous said...

Trump hilariously played into Clinton's hands again and again.

The funniest example of this was the last one when Trump stupidly said that Clinton doesn't have the "look" or the "stamina" to be President like the sexist, projecting pig he is and Clinton smiled like she EXPECTED that. Clinton then proceeded to tear him a new one where she mentioned her being grilled for ELEVEN hours re: Benghazi (no mention of it or the Clinton Foundation by Trump btw) and how the woman Trump disgustingly called "Miss Piggy" (cuz she isn't anoerxic thin like Melania) and "Miss Housekeeping" (since all those spic women are housecleaners) is voting for her.

Let's talk about looks, Trump. You're 70 years old yet have dyed orange hair and the worst combover in history as shown by Jimmy Fallon. You're as orange as a pumpkin (or beet red as a red potato) and look like a blowfish. You're a fat fuck who wears a long-ass jacket and a too wide tie to hide or reduce it. You also lie about your height as you're 6'2" not 6"3" or taller.

LOL @ him complaining about his microphone like a true sore loser.

What really killed Trump last night was when he said "That's called business" when Clinton cited Trump saying how it's good for him that people lost their houses in the housing crisis in 2006. Of course MSNBC and CNN isn't focusing on that remark at all like the true dramaqueens who want a horserace they are, but everyone in Twitter world is talking about it.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn, that was painful.

chris flash said...


There are no elections, just SELECTIONS. And we the people aren't to be trusted by the billionaire ruling class to make those sorts of decisions, so they'll just present candidates about whom we can endlessly argue and debate each other, keeping us divided along ethnic and gender lines, while they maintain their growing power, wealth and domination of world resources.

If you buy into this insulting farce, you are most likely supporting those in power by patronizing their businesses, consuming their products and/or watching their media, all of which keeps them in power over you.

THINK about it.

DO something about it....