Thursday, September 15, 2016

The loss of a majestic American elm on 3rd Street

EVG reader Bobby G. notes that this is what's left of the majestic American elm that stood on East Third Street between Avenue C and Avenue D... Per Bobby: "It was cut down today. Why? I do not know."

One EVG reader said that the tree had a bit of a lean, and that the city was worried that it might fall during a storm.

Regardless, as Bobby G. said, "it is a great loss to the block."


Gojira said...

Oh, crap. That trunk looks completely solid, not a trace of rot. This is criminal.

Anonymous said...

American elms are very delicate and can be rotting even though not visible.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it had Dutch Elm disease?

Anonymous said...

It's a fucking tree. Get some perspective, people.