Monday, September 19, 2016

130 St. Mark's Place is for rent

[Photo by Steven]

The for rent sign arrived late last week at 130 St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue... Via Della Pace Pizza quietly closed here back in June after less than one year in business.

Before this, Falanghina Pizza Bar gave the address a shot, but it didn't catch on either.

The previous business here was able to make it for 34 years until a substantial rent hike (as well as decline in business) helped force out Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen in December 2012.

No word on the asking rent for the space.


Anonymous said...

Boy, do we need a decent vegan bakery

Anonymous said...

yeah... so clearly it was worth it, ousting a 34 year established neighborhood business (Whole Earth Bakery) so we can instead have a vacant gated storefront to look at. because, quite frankly who even wants to open a business in EV anymore. it's too damn expensive! hell even Chase Bank couldn't foot the bill. greedy landlords and developers have done an excellent job of destroying whatever few pockets of culture were left here. the EV is as good as a graveyard now.