Thursday, September 15, 2016

Condos planned for 3rd Street development site at the Bowery

[3 E. 3rd St. in April 2015]

Back in April 2015 we first reported that 3 E. Third St. was on the market as a new development. Per the listing at the time: "This is a rare opportunity to acquire a boutique development site in one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Manhattan."

Now comes word that Brooklyn-based Barrett Design has filed plans (as of yesterday) for c-c-condos.

Per Real Estate Weekly:

Barrett will build a seven-story mixed-use building totaling approximately 18,000 gross square feet with a retail condo on the ground floor and five apartments above, consisting of four full-floor units and a duplex penthouse.

And here's the rendering via Barrett...

This luxury building will be the easterly neighbors to the 13-story, zinc-coated 347 Bowery ...

[Image via Selldorf Architects]

For the past 20-plus years, 3 E. Third St. has been home to 3 East 3rd Dorm — short-term rentals for students and interns. The developer filed for demolition permits on Aug. 29.


Anonymous said...

Wow they are really packing them in on this corner. What a mess.

DrBOP said...

They're using up ALL the clear LEGO blocks waaaay too quickly!

Anonymous said...

why doesn't anyone wanna keep the old buildings?!?!:(

Anonymous said...

noooo the building that's there is so great-looking!

evEddie said...

The developers are closing in on 3rd street...Bowery Renewal needs to cash in, and get rid of the riff-raff men's shelter on that block (and the sex offenders/addicts domiciled there).

They can build a state of the art facility up in the Bronx.

Anonymous said...

What a f*cking ugly building they're going to put in place of the lovely & contextual one that's there. But then no one ever accused developers of having any taste or brains. They only recognize $$$$$$$$$.

cmarrtyy said...


The shelter has been sold. Probably some back door deal with MayorBill. Why do you think the block is being redeveloped?

Anonymous said...

They really made a mess of the Bowery -- and all for touristas.

Giovanni said...

The Bowery has gone from homeless shelters to tax shelters, yet it still can't support any decent retail. The Bowery, where dreams still go to die.

Anonymous said...

What's wonderful is that this new development will include plenty of affordable housing...ha! Just kidding! More housing for the rich!

Anonymous said...

yes! more LUXURY! that's what we all need. that's exactly what NYC needs is more LUXURY apartments strictly for the ultra-special elites, because they DESERVE it. the rest of us are lesser beings and we should just go disappear from sight.. we don't even deserve to be able to live here anymore.. only if you can afford a life of LUXURY for the LUXURIOUS amongst us only! that's the message being broadcast here and throughout NYC as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 3:09...that's it in a nutshell. Only thing is, luxury is a myth.

Anonymous said...

"I can't wait to move into my cool new condo in the East Village. It's such a hip funky neighborhood with a great 'downtown vibe' and loads of local color. As soon as mom and dad give me the down payment money, I can move right in and...hey! Where did all the local color go???"

Gojira said...

(Sung to the tune of the Bee Gees' "Grease", with "they" referring to developers, and FAR being Floor-to-Area Ratio, which "they" are always seeking to utilize to the max, such as "...approximately 18,000 gross square feet")

I see the problems, we don't get no the light
We got a tower thing, we gotta curse the blight
There ain't no danger we can go too far
They start believin' now that they can expand the FAR, gross is the word

They think our hate is just a whiny pain
Why don't they understand? It's just a cryin' shame
Their lips are lyin', only Grieve is real
We start the fight right now, we got to post what we feel, gross is the word

They're just so rude, got no meaning
Gross is the time, is their face, are their notions
Gross is the way we are feeling

We feel the pressure, and we mourn the way, our EV belongs to yesterday
There ain't no chance that we can make it go backward
We start realizin' now that it can't be what it was, gross is the word

Theirs is a life of illusion, a heart with a hole
Mixed with delusion - what're they doin' here?

We feel the pressure, and we mourn the way, our EV belongs to yesterday
There ain't no chance that we can make it go backward
We start realizin' now that it can't be what it was, gross is the word...

Thangyoo, thangyoo verrah much.

blue glass said...

the dam has broken
development is rushing in like the ocean in a storm
what will be left?

Former East Villager said...

Dear Grieve,

Just a wee bit of history. Before it was the 3 E 3rd Dorm, it was an SRO (and a lovely, quirky one run by an art collector) and was my true home since the late 80's. There were many long-term residents like myself back then. I knew my neighbors, and they knew me.

When it slowly switched over to the dorm format, I slowly did not know anyone anymore -- they came and left. In my last year (I was the last RS tenant to be forced out, and it was not pleasant) the residents were more interested in apps on their mobiles rather than holding the door open for those who lived there -- or more importantly and dangerously, leaving the door open for people they did not know. They just did not care.

There were so many unique period fixtures in that place -- the marble staircase, the light fixtures, the cast iron bannisters, the original tin ceilings in the ground floor communal bathroom as well as probably the original swinging doors to the toilet stalls on the topmost floor.

Besides my view, I loved my high ceilings, window rosettes and period coving with LAYERS of paint.

Goodbye, 3 E 3rd. I also loved all my post came to such a lovely address -- "3 East 3rd Street".

Former East Villager