Friday, September 16, 2016

The East Village Eye reopens tonight

[Special edition of the East Village Eye]

Here's some news about the East Village Eye, the influential arts newspaper/magazine hybrid that published 72 issues from May 1979 through January 1987. Via the EVG inbox...

We are pleased to enclose an updated schedule of special events surrounding Howl! Happening’s East Village Eye Show, opening tonight from 6-9.

The events point to the Eye’s key role in nurturing talent and giving voice to a generation of artists and writers whose groundbreaking work commented on the art and social history of the period and the unique collaborative spirit that flourished amid the rubble and rumblings of the EV/LES in the 80s.

Sunday, Sept. 18, 7 PM
East Village Art: Scene or Circumstance?
A Panel Discussion with Leonard Abrams, Yasmin Ramirez, Ph.D., Sur Rodney (Sur), Arthur Fournier, and Anthony Haden-Guest
Expanding upon the East Village Eye Show, key figures from the period and beyond discuss the times and the neighborhood that changed the culture forever. Moderated by Leonard Abrams, editor and publisher of the Eye.

Saturday, Sept. 24 and Sunday, Sept. 25 7 PM
East Village Eye Showcases the Films of The 1980s
From The Cinema of Transgression known for its shocking themes and black humor and Sara Driver’s “lost” debut film to a fully restored version of Tommy Turner and David Wojnarowicz’ Where Evil Dwells and films that helped define the No Wave scene by key members of Downtown No Wave Cinema, this evening presents works by some of the most important filmmakers to come out of the East Village in the 1980s.

Reflecting the cultural turmoil and the explosion of creative expression of the times, these films illuminate the groundbreaking, sometimes shocking, experimental ethos of the neighborhood. Included are Coleen Fitzgibbon LES (Lower East Side) (1975); Vivienne Dick Liberty's Booty (1980); James Nares Rome 78 (1978); Sara Driver You Are Not I (1981); Tommy Turner Simonland (1984); Richard Kern Stray Dogs (1985); Nick Zedd They Eat Scum (1979); Richard Kern & Nick Zedd Thrust in Me (1985); Tommy Turner and David Wojnarowicz Where Evil Dwells (1985)

And tonight at the Delancey, there's the East Village Eye Party starring James Chance & The Contortions, The Lenny Kaye Connection and the Sic F*cks. Ticket info here.

The East Village Eye show is up through Oct. 9 at the Howl Happening! space, 6 E. First St. near the Bowery.

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Bring back "The East Village Other"!

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