Monday, September 26, 2016

Kin Asian Bistro is now Carma East on 6th Street

The signage for Carma East went up on Friday here at 507 E. Sixth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B... A neighbor says that this will be an EV outpost of Carma Asian Tapas on Carmine Street in the West Village.

Per the Carma website:

Two Chinese friends, one with a degree in Modern Philosophy and one in Medicine, now longtime New Yorkers, had a dream of two cultures merged into one. The result is CARMA: Eastern cuisine with Western flare. CARMA is a Modern Asian Tapas Wine Bar in the West Village, celebrating a contemporary approach to traditional Asian recipes. With a signature menu created by the Executive Chef of Taiwan’s renowned DinTai Fung, we feature healthy, balanced, and locally sourced ingredients.

CARMA provides a destination dining experience that not only stimulates your palate but visually engages you in an exhibition of works from a diverse group of artists, from the Hudson revivalists to Beijing’s 798.

The previous establishment here, Kin Asian Bistro, which took over from Purple Ginger, had been open for less than a year.

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Purple Ginger out, Kin Asian Bistro is in on East 6th Street


Michael Ivan said...

The liberal use of the term tapas is annoying. It means $13 plates that are two bites, and you can wash it down with a $13 glass of wine. Good luck!!!

blue glass said...

... one with a degree in Modern Philosophy and one in Medicine, now longtime New Yorkers, had a dream of two cultures merged into one.

just what i wanted in my search for the ideal new neighborhood restaurant.
i sure hope the guy who majored in medicine is on call.

Gojira said...

And the game of "Musical Restaurants" continues unabated.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for a new restaurant to open where the owners announce on their face book page or web page: (a) we are opening a restaurant in the foodie trendy East Village because we figure we can make a lot of money quickly and perhaps sell out. We don't really want to spend our lives working as hard as a restaurant demands, (b) our food supply will come from whichever purveyor offers us the best deal--we don't guarantee "locally sourced" whatever that cliche now means. We are interested in the best price so as to make a maximum profit, (c) we think a trendy restaurant with a fancy philosophy behind it (as we have outlined) is a sure-fire way to meet hot models (gender dependent on our individual choice). Give me an honest statement of intentions, and I'll be sure to be there. I just can't roll my eyes at the pretentiousness that seems to travel along with each new restaurant.

Charlie said...

Didn't surprise me that Kin Asian Bistro didn't survive. Every time I went to the 6th St Community Center, it was empty, be it lunch or dinner. They didn't specialize in anything and had everything Asian, from Thai to Japanese to Chinese, cooked by Chinese people, and had horrible advertising.

I don't think this new place will survive, either, given a crappy location and two founders that have no restaurant experience.

greenie said...

These guys were packed when I passed and they already have good reviews from their west village location..