Monday, September 26, 2016

Maison Kayser now open on Broadway

Maison Kayser opened its doors this past Thursday at 841 Broadway between 13th Street and 14th Street.

Some EVG commenters were pleased by this arrival in the previous post on MK. For example

Stefa said...
For those skeptics out there who fear the mediocrity of another "chain" bakery, please let me assure you that Maison Kayser is THE BEST Bakery in NYC. And, for those Olive Bread aficionados, be prepared for a doughy, soft, delicious, loaded with olives piece of heaven like you've NEVER tasted in your entire life. I'm delighted that Maison Kayser's will be closer to me in the East Village. MAGNIFIQUE!!


marjorie said...
i'm psyched. my mom is OBSESSED with this place and i've never been. i'm down with lots of delicious bakeries! Breads is definitely TO DIE FOR: expensive as heck, but not kidding around. it's no fro-yo in a hoof, is what i'm saying.


cmarrtyy said...
I'm in... Bring on the lbs.

This location marks the ninth now in the the city for the French bakery/bistro.

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Anonymous said...

I hope all the bread is glutton full.

Anonymous said...

While I think Maison Kayser pastries and breads are tasty, it still feels like a slick chain. It is depressing that even neighborhood bakeries are now chains.

There are still a few authentic independent bakeries in Manhattan (and run by bakers not ex-bankers) including the excellent Georgia & Aliou's on Amsterdam near 90th Street, La Tropezienne on First Avenue near 109th Street and the newly redone Once Upon a Tart in SoHo.

cmarrtyy said...

Just because a bakery is independent it doesn't mean by definition that's it magically good. It still has to have the skill or the ability to bake something special consistently. That's what Maision Kayser does and does well.

Anonymous said...

It's better than some chains, but it's still a boring chain with slightly above mediocre stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think Mayor DeBlassio should rename New York City to New Chain City. Or New Condo City. Either way, at this rate, we're screwed.