Friday, September 16, 2016

CB3 wants your input on 2018 budget priorities this coming Monday (Sept. 19!)

Budget time again...Via the EVG inbox..

CB 3 Public Hearing: FY 2018 Budget Priorities
Monday, Sept. 19 at 6:30 p.m., Community Board 3 Office, 59 E. Fourth St. (between Second Avenue and the Bowery)

What parks need reconstruction? What programs need funding? Help us assess the needs of our community.

Every year the Community Board submits a list of capital and expense budget priorities to city agencies. This hearing is your opportunity to have input into these district budget priorities. Tell us how money should be spent in Community Board 3.

Organizations, groups and individuals representing all segments of the community are encouraged to participate.

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cmarrtyy said...

Why should bother?They're too dishonest. Just look at the mess at Astor. All the dissembling over theyears. Did anybody notice that the second rate circus came to the EV last night. The highlight of the program was Jim Powers off his meds screaming about being an artist and not getting paid. It was a song but he forgot the music. Actually its from his first album: BROKEN...teacups, mirrors, plates, saucers... BROKEN. God, this really is the end. I wonder how many apartments in the Gathemy/Segal and Fisher building were put up for sale last night.