Thursday, July 26, 2018

Vegan Love arrives on 10th Street

Vegan Love is now in soft-open mode (as of Tuesday) in the former Quintessence space on 10th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue.

As we understand it, the chef from Quintessence is behind this raw-food venture. Vegan Love offers a smallish menu featuring several burgers (guac and mushroom) as well as a variety of create-your-own salads. In addition, there are sides, including daily soups, air-baked sweet potatoes and squash mac and cheese, as well as smoothies and desserts.

While there are several tables and stools inside, given the menu items, it looks to be a good to-go option.

Quintessence, the 17-year-old raw-food cafe, closed back in late June without any notice for patrons on its website or social-media properties. The space has been under renovation this past month.


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Christopher Pelham said...

Quintessence had the best Caesar salad I’ve ever had, but some of the other options, while tasty, were small in portion but pricy for a snack. Still, the quality of ingredients seemed outstanding and I’m sorry to see it go and hope the new place will be as good.