Saturday, December 30, 2023

A last look at the New Yorkers Foodmarket

Photos by Steven 

The New Yorkers Foodmarket is winding down business at 107 Second Ave. between Sixth Street and Seventh Street.

Owner Michael Schumacher put all items in the grocery on sale back on Thursday with a Sunday (Dec. 31) closing date in mind. He told customers on Friday that if he sold enough of the remaining stock, he would not reopen this weekend. 

The store did eventually open this afternoon around 2 ... there were a few items left here and there...
It's not yet known if the market will return for one more day.

As we first reported on Dec. 20, ongoing financial challenges and health issues forced Schumacher to close the store that he has been part of since 1987, when he and his brother bought what was an Associated. 

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Harold Appel said...

Dear Michael (and Rosa), I wish I could have said goodby in person but am recovering from illness. Your store will be missed but the humanity you shared with our neighborhood will live on. You affected lots of people in an important way and should feel good about what you gave us. Best, Harold