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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A new look and new employees for The Acme Bar & Grill

About this time yesterday, we were told that the venerable Acme Bar & Grill on Great Jones was closing after 25 years. As we pointed out, Fork in the Road and DNAinfo also verified that the restaurant was history. But then! Owner Bob Pollock left a comment at Grub Street late yesterday afternoon saying they would just be closed for renovations.

Rebecca Marx at Fork in the Road tracked Pollock down today to see what is going on here:

"I know this is insane," Pollock says of the sudden closure. "But we had to make some drastic changes." The almost 25-year-old restaurant, he explains, "was built on a shoestring" and has long been in dire need of renovations. "A new HVAC, kitchen, exhaust system" are among the structural updates he'll be making during Acme's closure, which he estimates will be a few months.

And then there are the updates to the restaurant's staff. "We're dealing with a problem right now at the bar where employees didn't come in and didn't know what was happening," he says. "We had a bunch of drunk employees in the place." He pauses. "They've been loyal employees for years. We just need some changes."

Can he elaborate upon why he's rewarding their loyalty in this manner? "I don't know what to tell you." Another pause. "It's become a little sloppy."


Pollock is hoping the food will attract "new faces and new money," though he claims he'd like Acme to remain "a neighborhood bar" and to retain its clientele. Whether his current customers will recognize the new Acme remains to be seen: When it reopens, Pollock says, "it's not going to be the roadhouse look anymore. It will have a more contemporized look. Warm and at the same time contemporary. When you go in there, you'll have the reminiscence of Acme. It'll be on the walls."

Would any former Acme employees like to chime in? (

[Photo via Gothamist, who has more on this story here.]

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On second thought: Acme will just be closed for a few months of renovations now

This is all rather strange.

Earlier today, when a reader called the Acme Bar & Grill to ask about lunch hours, he or she was told that the restaurant had closed.

Fork in the Road confirmed this in a follow-up item:

So we called the restaurant and confirmed that unfortunately, it has indeed closed.
"We were here too long and there just wasn't enough business," Tony, the general manager, told us. "It's sad but true."

Patrick Hedlund at DNAinfo also got the confirmation. "The restaurant's manager Tony, who declined to provide his last name, confirmed the closure by phone but refused to elaborate on the situation."

However! Apparently not all Acme employees were made aware of the owner's plans. In a post from 6:30 tonight, Grub Street reports that Acme owner Bob Pollock commented, "[W]e are not closing for good. We need to renovate this place after 25 years, the place was built on a shoestring 25 years ago and needs a major over hall as the Board of Health would want me to do and the fans of Acme please be patient we'll be back after a few months."

There is a permit pending with the DOB for "RENOVATION OF EXISTING RESTAURANT."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[Updated] A look inside the former Acme Bar and Grill

As we first reported back in March, Acme Bar & Grill on 9 Great Jones Place closed ... After three other media outlets confirmed the closing, owner Bob Pollock apparently changed his mind that same day, telling Grub Street "[W]e are not closing for good. We need to renovate this place after 25 years ... the fans of Acme please be patient we'll be back after a few months."

Then! Two months later came word that people behind Indochine and Kittichai were taking over the bi-level space for a fall opening...

Hey, it's fall, right? We have no idea what concept they all decided on... but it won't be anything like Acme, of course... Goggla took a look inside last evening ...

Updated: Eater reports that the new owners went before CB2 last night. Per Eater: "While the pair was certain about hiring a new chef and making revisions to the menu to have a family style restaurant, the board was not impressed that the details had not been completely figured out."

They were told to come back next month.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A look at the more 'contemporized' Acme Bar & Grill

A few weeks ago, we first reported that Acme Bar & Grill was closing after 25 years on Great Jones Place. Then! Owner Bob Pollock apparently changed his mind...

Pollock told the following to Rebecca Marx at Fork in Road on March 16:

When it reopens, Pollock says, "it's not going to be the roadhouse look anymore. It will have a more contemporized look. Warm and at the same time contemporary. When you go in there, you'll have the reminiscence of Acme. It'll be on the walls."

After taking a look inside yesterday, it doesn't seem likely that any former regular would even recognize the walls...


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Surprise! Acme Bar and Grill won't be reopening as you probably figured

As we reported back on March 15, Acme Bar & Grill abruptly shuttered after 25 years of serving Creole/Southern-style cuisine on Great Jones. However, after reportedly firing the staff without any notice, Acme owner Bob Pollock quickly changed his mind, saying that he would reopen after a renovation.

Apparently he changed his mind again. According to Grub Street:

We hear that Jean-Marc Houmard, Michael Callahan, and Huy Chi Le — the team behind Indochine and Kittichai (and also involved with Bondst and Republic) — have grabbed up the bi-level space ... The trio is mulling concepts for a restaurant to open in early fall.

Here are some photos of the space from March 31:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[Updated] Acme Bar & Grill closes after nearly 25 years on Great Jones Place

Mainstay Acme Bar & Grill on 9 Great Jones Place has closed. An EV Grieve reader had called the Creole/Southern-style eatery about lunch hours today and was told they were no longer in business. "We've had our run and we're done."

Just last month they were approved for a full liquor license, as Eater reported.

Fork in the Road has more here.

[UPDATED 7:14 p.m.]

Guess everyone at Acme didn't get the memo — the owner now says they'll just be closed for a few months.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Acme-Indochine owners aiming to take over Lucky Cheng's space

We now know who the unnamed applicant is for the Lucky Cheng's space on First Avenue. According to documents on file with CB3, the owners of the new apparent hipspot Acme on Great Jones — Jean-Marc Houmard (co-owner of Indochine) and Jon Neidich (who used to manage the bar at the Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room) — are aiming to open a still-unnamed restaurant-lounge.

Per CB3 paperwork, the establishment will serve Asian cuisine, with planned hours of noon to 4 a.m. Hui Chi Le, an owner of Indochine and Republic, is the other partner named in the new project.

The applicants will appear before the CB3/SLA licensing committee next Monday at 6:30 p.m.

Lucky Cheng's recently relocated to Times Square.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

That's it for Heathers ... for now

[Image via]

Word on East 13th Street was that Heathers would close at the beginning of December. However, that closing came earlier than expected, as Grub Street first reported late yesterday afternoon. Per Grub Street, "the locks have been changed illegally."

Ray Lemoine and Michael Herman took over the bar just east of Avenue A during the summer of 2012.

Back to Grub Street:

Lemoine and Herman say they were gradually being pushed out of the bar, which came with a history of complaints and controversy. Initially, a cash settlement with the landlord established an end date of December 1, 2013 for the East 13th Street space.

Heather Millstone opened Heathers in 2005 ... and the bar quickly became a lightning rod for noise complaints. (The Times had a lengthy article in January 2007 about the ongoing noise issues between the bar and neighbors.) You can read more about the bar's CB3 issues here.

We asked Lemoine a few questions via email last night about what's next.

What are your feelings about how things came to a rather abrupt end here?

Sad. Staff is sad, customers are sad. But I'm kind of happy I can stop drinking for a bit. Would have a proper send off.

Are you looking to relocate in the East Village?

We have a few great options right nearby and are looking to close a deal ASAP. We love the North East Village.

What's your assessment of the East Village nightlife scene these days?

I like many of the old bars. I love Lit for its club scene. But there aren't many cool new spots despite all the blogs telling you about these cool new spots. ACME is great, but it's in NOHO. Cocktail bars and $9 sandwich shops should be banned. Nightlife is pretty dead in the East Village in terms of, say, hearing a great DJ and dancing and not paying $12 for a drink. I miss The Hole. I mean, now that Heathers is closed, there isn't even a lesbian/heroin rock bar left in the East Village (frown face).

Friday, June 9, 2017

Live to be Great on Great Jones

The gutting/converting continues over at 41 Great Jones St. between the Bowery and Lafayette.

In early 2015, the city's Landmarks Commission signed off on the conversion of this five-story, 19th-century commercial building — Acme Sandblasting Company was here for years — to a six-story residential building with three residential units. (This Curbed post has all the background.)

Anyway, the broker bunting recently arrived on the sidewalk bridge... Team Serhant is heading the sales... and their marketing slogan is "Live to Be Great" (Get it?) ...

There's a teaser site up... no word yet on pricing or anything...

There are floorplans and photos at the developer's site.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week in Grieview

A busy week ... thanks to everyone for all the lively comments...

We had news of a new burger place coming to Second Street (Monday)

Kenny Scharf's mural was bombed (Tuesday) and cleaned (Wednesday)

We reported that Acme Bar & Grill abruptly closed (Tuesday) before hearing that the owner suddenly changed his mind (Tuesday)

We looked at a penthouse duplex connected by a stainless-steel slide (Thursday)

A lot of cops showed up to apprehend someone who tagged Angels & Kings (Thursday)

We found out about changes coming to Cienfuegos (Friday)

A ressident told us about life at the renovated 325 E. 10th St. (Wednesday)

Tagging Joe Strummer (Thursday)

We found out about the "hipster trap" (Monday)

The CB3/SLA rejected application for a new Avenue A music venue (Monday)

A resident took offense to the "Hot Chicks Room" sign at the UCB (Monday) ... and the UCB agreed to remove the sign (Wednesday)

On that topic... here's the WPIX news item on the matter...


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Somehow, East Village nightlife primed to become more fucking ridiculous

And at the Daily News today, there's a chirpy report that East Houston ... "the boozy border separating the East Village from the lower East Side is about to get a whole lot more chic."

Let's go right to the article!:

In recent weeks, major nightclub operators associated with the Meatpacking District, SoHo and West Chelsea have been sniffing around the E. Houston corridor from the Bowery to Avenue A, where the weathered and fully licensed lower First Ave. properties Sutra Lounge and Lucky Cheng’s are prized commodities.

According to our sources, those interested in either these spaces (or a handful of unlisted ones in the area) include operators from Pink Elephant, Greenhouse, Hudson Terrace, Acme, 1Oak and Electric Room.

And here's a quote from a member of the Community Board 3's State Liquor Authority & Department of Consumer Affairs Licensing committee:

“The East Village is ripe for the picking right now,” says Ariel Palitz, who’s closing Sutra Lounge after nine years. “There’s an opportunity to change the culture and the makeup of the neighborhood from the underground nightlife experience to a high-end clientele.”

Yes! Especially if you're trying to sell a lounge space near East Houston!

And from Alex Picken, described as a "nightlife real estate specialist" ...

“It’s a good location for nightlife, because the residents for the most part are a younger age group,” he says. Picken also notes that a neighborhood used to loud bars won’t be impacted by a switch to lounges and clubs.

Yes, because a switch to lounges and clubs will have zero fucking impact on the neighborhood! And we're all 22! And want clubs and lounges everywhere! WOO!

The piece also mentions the coming changes to the former Nice Guy Eddie's space and Club Element on East Houston...

Good thing the MTA put in those bus bulbs to handle the overflow of limos and stretch Hummers on First Avenue...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Get Lucky this weekend

[A look inside Lucky Cheng's one recent day]

Jeremiah first pointed out this sale on Wednesday over at Vanishing New York: Lucky Cheng's is having a big moving sale this weekend. (Actually, the cabaret already moved to Midtown...)

Posting it here too in case you are interested in a hodgepodge of restaurant stuff...

Get in on the action tomorrow and Sunday from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. at 101 E. 2nd St. Find the Craigslist ad link here.

As for history of the Lucky Cheng's space, Jeremiah looked at the building's past here. As for the future of Lucky Cheng's space, the owners of Indochine and the new Acme have designs for an Asian-style restaurant-club space. Read about all that here.

Friday, December 18, 2015

EV Grieve Etc.: Remembering Adam Roth; Converting Streit's to condos

[Off to Grey Gardens! Photo by Derek Berg]

RIP Adam Roth (Daily News ... Billboard)

Streit’s matzo factory headed toward condo conversion (The Real Deal)

Extell unveils affordable housing building on the LES (DNAinfo)

TeaNY has closed on Rivington (BoweryBoogie)

Catching up with Steve Cannon (The Villager)

NYCHA is underprepared for emergencies: Scott Stringer (Capital New York)

Reactions to de Blasio’s zoning proposals (City & State ... Gothamist)

ACME changing concepts on Great Jones (Grub Street)

42-year-old Soho health food restaurant Spring Street Natural is on the move (Eater)

Essex Crossing Site 6 update (The Lo-Down)

A few of the NYC institutions that closed this year (The Commercial Observer)

When the Cockettes came to NYC in 1971 (Dangerous Minds)

The shadows of December (Gog in NYC)

Holiday gift idea: Membership to the Anthology Film Archives (AFA site)

HiFi owner Mike Stutz interviews EVG on this podcast ... part of Live at Fi — Transmissions From The Hifi Bar in NYC series (iTunes)

... and free pet photos with Santa Sunday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Police Service Area #4 on East Eight Street and Avenue C... (no pub crawl though...)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Myron Mixon's Pride & Joy BBQ now in the works for the former Lucky Cheng's space

Leading up to this month's CB3/SLA meeting on Nov. 19, public documents showed that the owners of the new Acme (and Indochine, among others) were proposing to take over the former Lucky Cheng's space on First Avenue. (You can read more on the concept here.)

However, for whatever reasons, those plans never materialized and the group did not appear at the meeting.

Meanwhile, yesterday, CB3 released the SLA committee docket for December, which includes this item:

Pride and Joy (Pride and Joy BBQ LLC), 24 1st Ave (op)

Turns out that this will be the first NYC outpost for renowed BBQ chef Myron Mixon, who, among other things, serves as a judge on TLC's Destination America's "BBQ Pitmasters." (Per his bio, he is known as "the winningest man in barbecue," and authored a best-seller titled "Smokin' with Myron Mixon.")

A Pride & Joy opened earlier this month in North Miami. Per Eater Miami:

Mixon will be using his custom-made smokers and his own line of sauces and spices to serve up some the darn best ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and wings you've ever had.

I asked Lucky Cheng's owner Hayne Suthon (who also resides in the building here on First Avenue) about her new tenant.

"I am beyond excited to have this group comprised of a stellar team covering all bases of food, design construction and operations," she said in an email. "I have found them to be nothing short of super down to earth, sharp, creative and talented."

In addition to the restaurant, the Pride & Joy team apparently has some ideas for other uses of the space.

"As a resident of 1st Avenue and 2nd St since 1986, observing the good and bad trends over the past 26 years, they have been very receptive to my ideas as to what is needed in the neighborhood," Suthon said. "Aside from all of that, I CANNOT wait for them to open; I'm obsessed with good barbecue. I've already had a dream about dining there."

[Pride & Joy photo via Eater Miami]