Monday, November 7, 2011

CB3 member Ariel Palitz puts Sutra on the market

Sutra Lounge, the club owned by Community Board 3 member Ariel Palitz, is on the market. A listing for Sutra at 16 First Avenue (near First Street) showed up on Streeteasy on Friday.

Per the listing:

Bi-Level Lounge For Sale
• Exterior and Interior entrances for Lower Level
• Original Mosaic Mirror staircase and other detail
• 10+ Year lease
• $15,000 per year base rent
• Optional Office/Apartment above lounge

We reached out to Palitz via email for a comment. This is her response:

"This month is Sutra Lounge's 7 year anniversary and it continues to thrive against all odds in industry. At this time we have opted to put Sutra on the market to explore its value and interest but continue to operate as if there is no tomorrow. As entrepreneurs we intend on developing new ventures and look forward to the future."


Seth Gordon said...

$15,000 per YEAR? Heck, that's cheaper than my apartment. I'll rent it and just live in it...

Crazy Eddie said...

Sutra Lounge aka Bedbug Paradise.