Saturday, November 19, 2011

A note from our far-flung correspondents

From Dave on 7th, walking on 14th Street:

I just need to report that at 1:30 on Friday night, the IHOP is basically full.


Anonymous said...

ihop is full and odessa is empty. quantum leap and curly's are closing. every day another development chips off a piece of my heart.

Anonymous said...

IHOP is a neighborhood killer in more ways than one. The local owner of the 14th St location somehow persuaded the DOB to allow them to place the restaurant's heavy equipment and ventilation system on the "roof" of the 1-story extension behind the building, instead of on the building's actual roof; as a result, the (considerable) noise, and the smell of rancid bacon are channeled directly into the windows of homes up and down East 15th Street. My apartment now smells like the kitchen of a cheap hotel after the breakfast rush. All.The.Time. If any of your readers get wind (hah!) that their neighborhood is the next to be invaded by IHOP (I'm looking at you, Chelsea/Limelight area), tell them to sell. Sell now. Because if you wait until after the IHOP has opened, you'll be trapped.