Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breaking: Last night for Nevada Smith's at 74 Third Ave.; and here comes more luxury apartments

As we first reported, Nevada Smith's is planning to move from its current home at 74 Third Ave. up the block to 100 Third Ave. ...

Nevada Smith's current home will be demolished, as we've pointed out here.

A message on Nevada Smith's website today officially announces the move...

Per the message: "Our old home's almost done now with developers poised to demolish most of the block and replace our place, and yours, with a new luxury apartment block."

The closing night party starts at 7.

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Andrew P said...

Damn shame. Glad that they're not going far. Now we can confirm that the parking lot at 12th & 3rd is going to be gone as well. Assuming that all of the businesses there will be gone soon. As our apartment faces that block, I'm pretty pumped for 7am jackhammers for the next 3 years, followed by our afternoon sun being eclipsed.

Anonymous said...

Nevadas are moving up the block and hope to open in Jan. I looked at there new location they haven't got a prayer to be opened by then. Why bother most of there customers left last year and the old owner is opening up a new place with ex-staff soon. That's where our club are gonna be.